Point Loma, CA

Nimitz Marine Facility

This facility needed an upgraded electrical service in addition to fire alarm and life safety systems.

Aerial view of the NImitz Marine Facility in Point Loma

Value Delivered

The reconstruction of the Nimitz Marine Facility (MarFac) included the remodel of a 307-foot wharf, 365-foot pier, and a 30,000-square-foot waterfront facility. Our team was able to upgrade the electrical service to 12 kilovolts and move loads over with only a single 16-hour shutdown that had little to no impact on the facility’s operations.

Client Objectives

The six-acre MarFac campus functions as the logistical and technical support center for UC San Diego Scripps’ worldwide ocean research program. 


Dynalectric San Diego provided upgraded utilities, including electrical service, telecommunications, and fire alarm and life safety systems to the main structures at the facility. 

Client Background

The Nimitz Marine Facility (MarFac) has served as the Scripps home port in San Diego Bay for over 50 years.