Overhead view of serval electrical contractors reviewing blue printsAs a fully integrated electrical contractor, Dynalectric San Diego offers complete design-build capabilities for new construction, renovations, and more. Design-build provides customers with a single point of contact for all phases of a project—engineering, construction, startup, and beyond.

Field-Tested Design-Build Expertise

Our team consists of professional technicians, engineers, and construction experts who have been involved in many high-profile design-build projects. Our approach to these projects engages parties early, in an effort to improve communication, reduce conflict, and shorten project delivery times.

Leveraging Technology

By integrating our BIM and prefabrication teams into the early stages of a project, we are better positioned to solve constructability issues before they become expensive, achieve aggressive project schedules, and continuously identify and implement design improvements.

Adding Value Throughout Your Project

Design-build services can bring multiple benefits to a project, including:

  • Cost savings analysis with owner input and real-time budget data
  • Full project coordination, from design through construction
  • Concurrent design and construction to facilitate accelerated schedules
  • Single-source, one-stop solution for design, installation, and operation of systems, warranty, and service
  • Continuous control of project costs
  • Minimize delays and improve response time
  • In-depth knowledge of systems and components gained during the design phase allows for innovative applications during installation