El Centro, CA

Imperial Irrigation District - El Centro Unit 3 Repower

This repower project helped the client improve generating capacity, reliability, and fuel efficiency, while reducing emissions.

Exterior view of Centinela Solar Field

Value Delivered

Dynalectric San Diego provided fully integrated electrical services and instrumentation and control systems for this repower project for the Imperial Irrigation District (IID). The project replaced an existing boiler and an existing steam turbine generator with a natural gas fired, combined-cycle system. 

The repower increased IID’s generation capacity by 100 megawatts, helping them save approximately $1 million a month in fuel costs in comparison to other natural gas units they utilize. Additionally, we redesigned the site’s lighting which helped cut lighting costs by nearly 30 percent while also promoting safety by improving coverage.

Client Objectives

IID undertook this project to increase power generating capacity, system reliability, and fuel efficiency, while simultaneously reducing greenhouse emissions.


Our work consisted of:

  • Design-build site lighting 
  • Design-assist medium voltage infrastructure routing 
  • Reconfigure of duct bank conduit layout
  • Equipment installation including:
    • Two combustion turbine generators
    • Two heat recovery steam generators
    • Steam turbine generator

Client Background

IID is a utility provider in El Centro, CA. Among the largest public power providers in the state, IID manages over 1,000 megawatts of energy.