Ted Donald bio picture

Ted Donald

Vice President of Industrial Services

Value Delivered

Ted is responsible for managing the industrial department, helping to ensure consistent, quality project delivery to its clients. This involves overseeing generation of project scope, project management, product management, financial forecasting, and partner collaboration.

Ted helps project teams stay on schedule and within budget with his structured approach and emphasis on project quality. He has unyielding expectations about work performance from both the design and construction teams.


Ted has over 40 years of electrical construction experience in the San Diego area, and his résumé contains a significant number of design-build projects. Throughout his career, he has acquired significant expertise in organizing teams, developing schedules, and coordinating trades for jobs of varied sizes and scopes. 

He first worked for Dynalectric in 1999 as a foreman. In 2002 he moved to superintendent, and then to project manager in 2003. He further advanced to project executive in 2006. Ted was promoted from industrial manager to Vice President of Industrial Services in 2021.

The Personal Side

Ted is married and has children. He is an avid Waterman, spending all his off-time fishing, diving, surfing, and sailing. When he is not in the water, he is planning his next trip to Baja Mexico, fishing, camping, hiking, or off-roading.