John Price bio picture

John Price

Vice President of Construction

Value Delivered

John is responsible for administrating subcontracts, managing major purchase order procurements, and monitoring job cost and schedules. He serves as the primary point of contact for projects and works closely with our construction and field staff, as well as BIM and design teams, to help ensure project success. 

Additionally, John is also tasked with creating clear and attainable project objectives, which involves building out project requirements while managing costs and maintaining the project budget. 


John is a more than 34-year veteran of the electrical construction industry, working as a Project Manager for more than 24 years. Throughout his career, he has become highly skilled at resolving construction difficulties, monitoring field installation progress, and coordinating project information. 

While at Dynalectric, John has been involved in a number of major projects for some of our most high-profile clients, such as the IQHQ Research and Development District, Illumina’s i3 tenant improvement, the Manchester Navy General Administrative Facility, and many others. 

John earned his associate degree at Newcastle Poly Tech in the United Kingdom and also holds his C-10 Electrical Contractors License. He is affiliated with numerous industry associations, including the American Sub-Contractor’s Alliance, the National Electrical Contractors Association, and the Association of General Contractors.

The Personal Side

In his free time, John enjoys being outdoors and living a healthy and active lifestyle.